“I have become aware that people need to spend time on their bodies. I got to know this method thanks to my wife, who was taking a group class. One day, she came home with such intriguing experiences that I wanted to try it myself. I thus discovered a totally surprising  physical therapy session. (read more: I was confronted with someone who saw much more than my original question. I started to realise that the body is one whole and that although my discomfort was situated in my neck, other areas of the body could influence the pain.
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I have to add that the practitioner really went the distance to help me understand. One day she answered my request. She started with my neck. I can assure you, it was “pure happiness”. I enjoyed it tremendously. I felt things that I have never felt before. Those painful problems are not completely gone,  but I can live with them a lot better than before.

In short: a beautiful interaction between therapist and patient, very much worth recommending.”
Patrick Hamande

“What a pleasure to be able to set my own pace!”

"I lie on the ground and feel the contact my body is making with the floor.
Then the lesson begins. A voice invites me to sense my skeleton, to pay attention to my bones and their relationships with each other. Then come suggestions to make small, unusual movements. To do the movements slowly. It must stay pleasant and easy, without interfering with the breathing.
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What a pleasure to be able to choose my own rhythm.

I listen to my body...

The movement configurations are non-habitual and they force me to pay attention to myself. Starting from what I notice, I search for the most “functional” way of moving. I lie on my back, my head rests in my hands, I bring my elbow toward my knee. It is difficult. I look for a different direction, look for support from another place under my body.

I try, stop, wait, start over, change positions. The voice continues to make suggestions. It’s up to me to choose to follow the suggestions and finally find an easy, flowing way of moving – or not.

All at once, hey...I feel a different support under my ribs...and the head goes up all by itself. Unbelievable. I start over. It works.

Now a little pause.

My breathing is different, more fluent, deeper. A feeling of serenity wells up in me. I enjoy it…

The lesson has endless variations. All suggestions, opportunities to discover myself.

At the end of the lesson, I stand up slowly.

A whole new world opens up to me.

I feel much taller and my chest is wider. My feet rest solidly on the ground, my legs feel light. I step easily and lightly. Muscles have left their excessive tension behind, my joints are free. A fellow student says that my back is straight.

I also am aware that my image of myself has changed through this new way of moving.

As the lessons continue, my back pain recedes. I walk differently, sit differently.

As the weeks go by, new answers and new ideas arise in me.

Doors open.

"In spite of all of my problems I am still standing. I don’t collapse.”

"For years, I have had the habit of abusing my body, which has led to lots of muscular pain: fibromyalgia. With the Feldenkrais Method I am learning bit by bit to move with lightness and to allow my body to act on its own, without force, with ease.”

“My sense of balance has improved. My movements are more fluid and lighter.”

“During my fourth pregnancy, I discovered the Feldenkrais Method."

"I was looking for a way to feel better in a body in full metamorphosis. I wanted to prepare myself for the birth in a less traditional way than that offered by regular physiotherapy."

"The typical discomforts of a fourth pregnancy were minimised and the birth itself was fantastic. I experienced it in a more independent, and more natural, way than the previous ones."

"After the birth, feldenkrais served as post-natal physiotherapy. here again i could let my body find its new balance, in its own time, according to its own rhythm and its own needs. it’s difficult to describe in words what i feel to be a purely physical approach, but i’ll try: my body receives everything what the practitioner suggests to it. nothing is forced, nothing has a feeling of urgency. all of the practitioner’s suggestions agree with an individual way of functioning and therefore there is no resistance at all, rather the body’s enthusiasm to reorganise itself to experience the most comfort possible."

Testimonials from musicians:

“I can play music longer without getting tired.”

“Through this precise and slow process of trying things out, i finally understand how i can achieve what my instrument teacher is asking me to do.”

“I feel tension much sooner and I can respond to it quickly (by stopping, adjusting my work)

“It helps for shoulder and neck pain.”

“My guitar playing has improved and I can do things now that I wasn’t able to before.”

“After every class I have the feeling that I can see more clearly, as if there is more light in the room.”