Anat Baniel Method

Focus on the possibilities that your child has 
The Anat Baniel Method stems from the Feldenkrais Method. It is perfectly appropriate for infants and children.

  • The slow and gentle movements are fun for children and they gladly return for subsequent sessions.
  • The therapy rests on an unconscious form of learning. The suggested movements lead the brain to create new connections and thus new schemes of movement. The brain of babies and young children is extremely receptive to this form of learning.

Which children can benefit?
The Anat Baniel Method is for babies and children who: 

  • Have problems related to lack of oxygen at birth
  • Were born prematurely
  • Have a cerebral palsy, hereditary or not
  • Have a defective connection between both sides of the brain
  • Have torticullis (lateral inclination of the head)
  • Are autistic (or on the whole autism spectrum)
  • Have Down syndrome
  • Have genetic diseases

Astonishing results
The Anat Baniel Method can produce astonishing results for babies and infants for whom classical medicine and rehabilitation techniques are unable to help.

Moving beyond the limitations of a handicap
We start from the possibilities of the child and gradually enlarge them. You will see your child developing both an increased zest for life and new possibilities of movement. Together, we move beyond the limitations of the handicap. In a relaxing fashion, the child learns to move more easily and with more fluidity, regardless of age.

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