Who was Moshe Feldenkrais?
A scientist and judo master, the founder of the Method.
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What is the Feldenkrais Method?
In essence, the Feldenkrais Method is an approach to learning.
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What are the benefits of doing Feldenkrais?
The benefits range from very concrete physical improvement to intangible and sometimes surprising discoveries.
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How can I find a certified practitioner?
Find a practitioner near you.
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Who can use the Feldenkrais Method?
Children, adults and senior citizens can all learn to improve their functioning – from people with pain from an accident or chronic physical or neurological problem, to those who have no pressing physical problems but would like to improve athletic, musical, theatrical or other skills.
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What is ATM?
Awareness Through Movement is the verbally-directed aspect of the Feldenkrais Method, usually done in groups.
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What is FI?
Functional Integration is the individual aspect of the Method, using touch and few words.
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What is the training required for becoming a certified Feldenkrais practitioner?
The professional training programme covers 800 in-class hours, spread over a 3 or 4 year period. Trainings are certified by an international Feldenkrais certification body.
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Can the Feldenkrais Method replace sport or exercise? >

No. Sports and other forms of exercise each have specific goals
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to improve the condition of the body. Despite having different goals, the Feldenkrais Method can provide a significant contribution to improving athletic achievement at any level.

What is the difference between the Feldenkrais Method and gym exercises?

The goal of gym exercises (stretching and strengthening) is to improve muscle strength
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and flexibility through repeating certain exercises.

In contrast, the Feldenkrais Method makes the body more intelligent. By leaving old habits behind, the muscles can be used in a more efficient and effective way, one which maximises the available mobility of the joints and the available power in the entire muscular system.

I have a hernia – can Feldenkrais be risky for me?

No. The Feldenkrais Method is a learning approach,
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not a medical treatment. It does not intend to heal or “fix” the person. It does help people achieve a state where they can move without irritating damaged joints and can find increased mobility in a safe and comfortable fashion.

Do I need to wear special clothing?

You should wear loose-fitting, comfortable clothing
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to do either FI or ATM. For group classes, bring a blanket as well.