The name “Child’Space” can be read in two ways: 
Child’ SPACE : Everything related to the space around the child
Child’s PACE : Everything related to the rhythm and guidance related to the child.

The goal of Child’Space is to create a space where the child can develop at his or her own pace, in relation to his/her caregivers.

Every child is unique and carries the seed of all of the skills that are necessary for his development. But the interaction with the environment is necessary in order to feed the brain and allow the child to develop. This learning process does not happen in a linear way, but rather in steps. When one gets to know what these phases are and understands them, one can offer the best chances for that child’s development. Each of these phases brings certain skills with it, and if the child skips one phase, the related skills become that much more difficult to achieve.

Let us not view the newborn child as a helpless being that is completely dependent upon others. Starting from birth that child beings to relate to its environment and can express its needs so that they get addressed, even if it is dependent upon others in the first phases of life. This dependency is essential to form an emotional bond between the child and its caregivers. Parents who pay attention to the needs of the child create a basis, a space of trust from which the child can go out to explore the world, slowly but surely further and further away…


  • To become an observer in interaction with the child.
  • To create a safe framework in which the baby can experience its own learning process.


  • The sense of touch
  • Watching
  • Songs and rhymes
  • Movement

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